The automatic addressbook plugin collect each address you send an email to and records it in an address book, making it available for later use or auto-completion.


Version 0.4 released

Hey, we are near one thousand downloads of version 0.3.1. Time to release a new version :)
I'm pleased to announce the release of automatic_addressbook version 0.4.
Release notes for this version can be found here


All downloads can be found in the Files section

Installing automatic addressbook plugin

You need roundcube > 0.4 installed.
automatic_addressbook plugin version 0.2 has been tested against roundcube 0.5 and 0.6.
above versions have been tested against roundcube 0.8.x with larry skin and mysql backend.

Download the latest stable version archive

1. Uncompress it and move it to the roundcube plugins dir :

tar xvjf automatic_addressbook-0.3.tar.bz2
mv automatic_addressbook <path_to_roundcube>/plugins/

2. Execute the relevant SQL/<db engine>.initial.sql script on your database (process depends on your DB engine)

3. Add "automatic_addressbook" to the plugins list in <path_to_roundcube>/config/main.inc.php, for example :

$rcmail_config['plugins'] = array('automatic_addressbook',);

It works :)


You can customize some settings :
  1. copy config/config.inc.php.dist to config/config.inc.php
  2. edit config/config.inc.php as you fancy

Among others, you can choose if your users will have automatic_addressbook enabled or disabled by default (use_auto_abook option).

Upgrading roundcube to 0.6

If you upgrade from roundcube 0.5 to 0.6, automatic addressbook plugin will continue to work :
  1. Be sure to use the last version of the plugin ;
  2. upgrade the plugin's database schemes using one of the automatic_addressbook/SQL/*.update.sql scripts.


Feel free to report issues, suggest features or to submit patches on the issue tracker.

If you can help translating this plugin, please see translations Howto

You can get the code from svn at:

svn co https://code.crapouillou.net/svn/rc_plugins/automatic_addressbook/trunk

Issue tracking

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