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borg-ynh-backup: Fix documentation

With non-root things.
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......@@ -21,12 +21,12 @@ Set up client & server
If you set up both borg client and server, the easiest way is :
- run borg-ynh-backup role on your client backup client
- get the public key it created (default: */root/.ssh/id_rsa_borg*)
- run borg-ynh-backup role against your yunohost server
- get the public key it created (default: *~borg/.ssh/*)
- setup the server, configuring the given public_key
- perform a test run by hand running `/etc/cron.d/borg-ynh-backup` if nothing
appears, then it worked :-)
- **backup your client private keys** (ssh, repo key and repo key passphrase),
- perform a test (and check hostkey) running by hand
`~borg/bin/borg-ynh-backup` (as borg user).
- **backup your client private keys** (ssh, and repository passphrase),
by hand, somewhere offline :
- *~borg/.borg/pass* folder
- *~borg/.ssh/id_rsa* file
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