Commit 15654d12 authored by Jocelyn Delalande's avatar Jocelyn Delalande

borg-ynh-backup: Re-order tasks (was invalid order)

parent d70cfe51
- name: Check that borg is installed (see borg-common role)
file: path={{ borg_ynh_backup_borg_path }} state=file follow=yes
- include: passphrase.yml
tags: [borg.passphrase]
- name: Create dedicated user
name: "{{ borg_ynh_backup_user }}"
......@@ -12,6 +9,9 @@
ssh_key_file: "{{ borg_ynh_backup_ssh_key }}"
ssh_key_comment: "borg backup {{ borg_ynh_backup_user }}@{{ ansible_hostname }}"
- include: passphrase.yml
tags: [borg.passphrase]
- name: Create scripts directory
file: path={{ borg_ynh_backup_bin_path }} mode=0655 owner=root group=root state=directory
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