Commit 6000718c authored by Jocelyn Delalande's avatar Jocelyn Delalande

letsencrypt: install cron if needed

And trash some garbage
parent 5eb78db9
......@@ -46,9 +46,8 @@
creates: "/etc/letsencrypt/live/{{ item }}"
with_items: letsencrypt_cert_domains
# - name: Fix the webroot map in the renewal file
# ini_file: section="[webroot_map]" option={{ item }} value={{ letsencrypt_webroot_path }} dest="/etc/letsencrypt/renewal/{{ letsencrypt_cert_domains[0] }}.conf"
# with_items: "{{ letsencrypt_cert_domains }}"
- name: Install cron
apt: name=cron
- name: Install renewal cron
cron: name="Let's Encrypt Renewal" day="{{ }}" hour="{{ letsencrypt_renewal_frequency.hour }}" minute="{{ letsencrypt_renewal_frequency.minute }}" job="{{ letsencrypt_venv }}/bin/letsencrypt renew > /dev/null"
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